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    Dear Doctor

    I wonder if you could give me your opinion on this?
    I have never had leg pain. Several months ago, I started seeing my regular osteopath again as I had started to suffer with some back, hip and abdominal pain.
    About six weeks ago, during one of the sessions, following work done on my pelvic and psoas muscles, I was moving to get up from the table when I suddenly felt sharp, searing, ripping pain in the front of my right thigh. It was easily 10/10 and I have never felt anything like it. In the following days, I noticed that this would be triggered when sitting or standing, whenever I tried to raise my right leg/knee up towards my waistline. I can stand and walk okay and I don’t think I have weakness in the leg as I can go up and down stairs unimpeded and walk for miles. I can kneel and then get up again. It really seems to occur when raising my leg (is that hip flexion?). I have found ways to avoid triggering it, for example by rotating my leg outwards and opening my hips first before raising my leg or by bending the knee first. I also sit cross legged most of the time as this also seems to avoid triggering the pain but I have to push myself off the chair with my hands.
    This isn’t an ideal situation and it makes getting dressed/undressed awkward and putting on socks and shoes is not easy.
    Given the location of the pain, I suspect it is some type of femoral neuropathy but as it is activated only with specific movements, I am wondering which anatomical structures are involved? My current treatment is gabapentin (is there any point in taking this?), diazepam (occasional for muscle spasm) and activity avoidance.
    Do you have any idea what this could be and what might be the best form of treatment? Do these things go away with time?

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    The differential includes a disc herniation in the upper lumbar levels and a labral tear of the hip. Do you have “pins and needles” and/or decreased sensation in your thigh? If so, this would more likely to be nerve related. If not, more chance of labral tear.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Thank you Doctor!

    I don’t really have pins and needles. It sometimes feels a little numb or heavy. I have a fusion extending to L3 so I don’t think it is disc herniation (at least I hope not). I will investigate the labral tear. It would make sense that is hip related as that is what was being worked on when the pain started.

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