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    I had ORIF after a broken ankle 3 years ago, followed by hardware removal after trouble walking, noted by dorsiflexion issues. Fast forward and I’ve since had a variety of issues, first pain behind one knee, then the other, pain in both calves, then pain in the glutes and most recently pain from the glutes down to under my legs, and now pain from behind both knees down my calves. I have also felt kind of an enveloping pins and needles feeling in both legs, and it might something to do with the sensation from tighter pants? At this point, any standing for more than a few minutes produces this pain. The only relief is when lying in bed at night. I’m not sure what could have precipitated this although the ORIF was when all the issues started. I’ve thought of improper gait, or maybe a change in exercise having inadvertently caused a lower back issue, but its guesswork. I am seeing a sports physician at HSS who had helped me through specific muscle issues and agrees this is now a sign of nerve issues, but as yet no diagnosis. Any thoughts?

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Dorsiflexion issues after a broken ankle are troubling. I will assume your ankle joint healed without arthritis or joint deformity. If the dorsiflexion issues continued after healing, there is something wrong with your tibialis anterior muscle, either by nerve injury or muscular injury. The possibilities from nerve injury include peroneal neuropathy or L5 (possible L4) nerve injury. With lower back pain that radiates into your legs, you need at least an MRI of your lower back (along with a meticulous physical examination) and depending upon the results, possibly a neurological consultation and an EMG/NCV test.

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    Dr. Corenman

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