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    Hi Dr. Corenman,
    My name is Michael and I had an L4-5 herniation that was putting pressure on a nerve root, which led to pain shooting down my left leg, numbness and considerable loss of strength in my left quad. Herniation was due to heavy lifting and not degeneration. A laminectomy/discectomy was performed in November. All of the pain in my leg is gone and all strength has come back to my left quad. The only thing that remains is numbness in quad. 10 weeks after surgery, I began running again and noticed pain in the muscle directly below my right calf(I believe is Tibialis Anterior). Then noticed what I thought was a bunion and muscle loss in the location of the Abductor Hallucis/Flexor Hallucis. I saw a podiatrist, who within two minutes of testing strength in my toes asked me if I had recently had any lower back issues because it is not a bunion. I told him about my surgery and he recommended that I go back and see my surgeon. I have an appointment next week and would like to know ahead of time if this is likely a new issue related to my surgery.

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