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    I had a tlif surgery last november, prior to the surgery i had terrible left leg pain right before the surgery they gave me cortisone injection. right after that my right leg started feeling different. i made my surgeon aware of this. right after the actual surgery i had 0 leg pain, in either leg. about 2 weeks out from surgery i started to feel a vibrating/tingling, burning, dull/sharp sensation in my right leg, on front and back of my thigh, and bottom of foot, that seemed to never go away and would only subside when i stood still after moving continuously. i made my surgeon aware of this sensation too, he said it was probably nerves healing. now 11 months later i still feel the same feeling maybe a little more defiant now, still only in the right leg, nothing in the left. i went in for just a post op visit yesterday and he took xrays and once again said it’s probably nerves healing. is it possible that my right leg is feeling this way from nerve healing for 11 months straight, everyday. my left leg still has not given any pain or tingling since i got the surgery and that was the leg that made life horrible for me. i’m starting to feel as if the sensation in my right leg is intensifying with time and it’s starting to worry me. can you possibly tell me about how nerves heal? and is it possible i essentially traded one leg pain for another? or is it there a possibility these feelings are actually normal for this long of a period during healing? i should also add that my fusion is fully healed in terms of actual fusion itself. i don’t think i’ve lost any strength and i don’t have numbness in my legs.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your symptoms don’t fit with one particular nerve root. The front of the thigh is serviced by the femoral nerve while the ack of the thigh is supplied by the sciatic nerve. You don’t mention what level what fused but it would be rare to have both sciatic and femoral nerves both affected at the same time with a one level fusion.

    Also, your symptoms are not typical for a compressive nerve injury. Compression of a nerve causes numbness, pins and needles (paresthesias) and pain down the distribution of the nerve. Your symptoms (“vibrating/tingling, burning, dull/sharp sensation in my right leg, on front and back of my thigh, and bottom of foot”) especially the “vibration” is unusual and can’t easily be explained, especially since the TLIF was most likely performed on the opposite side (left) from your current symptoms. You could have developed a mild case of CRPS (old term RSD) but you should have seen changes in color and tone of your skin of your foot and leg. See https://neckandback.com/conditions/complex-regional-pain-syndrome-crps-reflex-sympathetic-dystrophy-rsd-causalgia/

    Dr. Corenman

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