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    2 years back – My Mom [49 years] started feeling sensations like throat blockage, pinching back side of neck.

    1. Neck

    • Pinching sensation at the kink on the back of neck
    • Feeling – inflammation sensation around the shoulder, HEATING , THICKNESS, TIGHTNESS – unable to identify whether it is a nerve or muscle or veins.
    • EAR LINE (muscle/nerve line from ear[around ear] to throat), NECK LINE (muscle/nerve line from back side of the ear [around ear] to the shoulder) tightening sensation. Nerve/muscle from ear [around ear] towards the mouth – tightening, inflammation sensation etc etc
    • Tightening sensation across the chest – muscle spasm
    • Whenever she gets this sensation – she feels a high PULSATION across every NODEs of her body.
    • Electric shock like sensation in the finger tips – sometimes
    • When turning neck, feels unusual sounds sensation like rubbing polythene = its her feeling
    • Throat – Tightening, uneasiness in breathing, feeling blockage in normal position and looking downward [by bending neck] – looks like crycophyrangial muscle spasm.

    • Massage
    • Philadelphia neck color
    • No pillow or very thin pillow [no pillow – feeling breathing blockage]
    • Looking upward
    • The more she stretches her neck, the better she feels relieve from SPASM [Across throat, chest] but this is just for the moments
    • Yawning with wide open mouth, by stretching neck upright relieve her for a moment.

    • As advised by the doctors – a). Physiotherapy b). recommended for spine surgery[a another doctor].

    Please provide some solution. we are running after many doctors but unable to find the right diagnosis. We perceive that these problems are related to cervical spines so we are posting this issue.


    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your mother’s symptoms could be derived from many problems. Some of the symptoms could be from nerve compression and degeneration of discs and facets in the neck but you do not identify any potential problems in your mother’s neck.

    Some of the symptoms could also come from situational stressors or even other diseases and syndromes.

    You identify a surgeon that wants to do surgery. What did he say and what does he want to do?

    Dr. Corenman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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