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    Since November 2011, I have been feeling left dyspnea that I think is caused by a little bit of phrenic nerve compression/ diaphragmatic
    paralysis on left. (no proof as of yet but they are the only explanation for me to think of)

    When I take a full breath, I feel normal with my right side but not my left diaphragm or left phrenic nerve

    Either way, the problem I wanna address is about my neck.

    My back neck is affected a lot. When I tilt my head with slight movement either left side or right side, this stiffness comes and it feels like it sits right next to the cervical spine because at times I can hear the sound it makes when I try to get relief but there is no relief as far as I concern with my neck.

    But my MRI shows no problem with my cervical spine. In my opinion, left phrenic nerve problem/ Left diaphragm problem seems to be causing my neck problem. Would it be muscles/tendons matter? Mostly, it is stiffness and I don’t feel much pain for the neck.

    Mr MRI shows that
    There are no significant visceral mass or other lesions seen in brain, head and NECK,
    thorax, abdomen and pelvis.
    No evidence of left PHRENIC NERVE PALSY.

    What should I do and what tests should I look for? I am so surprised that even MRI cannot show problems with my neck.

    p.s. I am 19. I am not from the US. I am from Hong Kong.
    Thanks doctor

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    It is very unlikely that your phrenic nerve is affected. In all my years of being a physician, I have seen phrenic nerve dysfunction twice and both were due to an attempted upper neck surgery (performed elsewhere) where the nerve was injured.

    Noises generated from the neck with head tilt should be ignored if they are not painful.

    Dr. Corenman

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC is a highly-regarded spine surgeon, considered an expert in the area of neck and back pain. Trained as both a Medical Doctor and Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Corenman earned academic appointments as Clinical Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and his research on spine surgery and rehabilitation has resulted in the publication of multiple peer-reviewed articles and two books.
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    Thank you very much for your reply.

    As things happened a bit of time ago, there were many things/some
    symptoms I might not feel necessary to mention that might not have
    been taken into account for this even though it still is not a
    diagnosis but merely you being extremely helpful and giving me an
    explanation for my situation as best as you could. I appreciate it
    a lot!

    I do remember before I felt this nerve dysfunction and this
    breathing problem that exist below my left rib cavity, I had a
    sharp pain an inch above my belly button towards the middle of my
    abdomen below the left ribcage and then the next thing I know, I had a weird sensation a small degree of numbness near the left temporal area.

    So later, as this pain subsides, the nerve dysfunction and
    the breathing problem began to gradually appear and I at first
    didn‘t notice my neck was affected until I could feel the stiffness (and the sensation of numbness was gone after my GP prescribed my with
    xanax but at times I would still feel a bit of weakness in my left
    temple because the left side of my neck felt stiffer)

    After a bit of searching online, I am suspicious the spinous processes
    of my upper neck are the culprit. My hands can also feel them being a little abnormal, I can rub the affected areas as if they grow to be little nodules ( i mean the left/right spinous processes)
    <(I'm not sure the exact terminologies.)

    To me there is a possibility (to me) the origin is neurological
    and stems from a pinched/compressed nerve below my left rib cavity
    (towards the side) and it works its way towards the middle and to
    the back of my neck which I think is the case. Maybe what I experienced is a flaring of the phrenic nerve?

    I should have a neck x-ray?

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