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    Hello Dr Corenman,
    I am neck pain which is radiating to the shoulder and my arm.its been 4weeks i have this problem,but i had shoulder pain from 6 doctor told me its bec of i had mri for cervical spine and shoulder.

    1)Multilevel degenrative changes of the cervical spine characterized by desiccation of the discs throughout the cervical spine.
    2)4mm broad based disc protrusion at c5-c6 causing mild central canal narrowing and mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing
    3)there is a 2mm posterior disc osteophyte complex with no evidence of central canal narrowing.mild degerative changes of the facet noted at this level causing mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.
    1)focal mild tendinosos of the subscapularis tendon
    2)degerative changes of the A-c joint with inferior projecting abutting the fat plane within the rotator cuff structures

    My doctor told me i dont need much treatment.pain killers and antiinflammatory will do for now.
    but i wanted to a get a opinion from you

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I am always suspicious of MRI reports read by someone other than myself. “Mild, moderate and severe” terms are value judgements that are simply interpretations.

    A thorough physical examination can differentiate the pain generation between the neck and shoulder pathology. Some simple examples are that shoulder pain generated from the neck is associated with neck extension and the “spurlings maneuver”. Shoulder pain generated by the shoulder itself is associated with elevation of the arm without neck extension.

    Dr. Corenman

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    i also have had two mri both say i have foramanol stenosis in my c6 and c7 vertebra and i get then pins needles in my hands also numbing ,the pain shoots from my shoulders to my hands my right is worse than the left but pain in both sides. i say the pain is a 7 out of a 10 in my hands and shoulder the rest, my arms is a 5 . ive had 3 nerve blocks and a radio wave block never stopped the pain ,im on tramdol 3 times a day only thing that helps nurotin 3 times a day still in pain thow,i went to a chiropractor even helped a little. had physical therapy to. that made me lose 20% movement in my neck when moved to the right a little less when moved to the left mri picture ill send . what can i do to get this took care of having big problems getting help .im a 37 yr old male ,

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