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    Hi doctor thanks for having this site you are agreat help ok mine is a long story but i am going to make it as short as i can i had lower back surgery about 3 and half months ago still no good but i wanted to ask you with these symtoms i describe to you what you think it may be i know it is hard without seeing me but here i go my neck is very sore also it feels like it is burning not all the time but a lot of the time also on my left hand it goes numb and pins and needles on my pinky and half of my ring finger then on my right handthe tips of my thumb and my middle finger have a strange sensation i have had a carpel tunnel test and it came back negative sorry it was a bit long thanks for your help doctor

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You note lower back surgery that is “still not good” but all your complaints are in your neck and arms. Lower back surgery that did not work well will not cause neck and arm complaints. You most likely have a seperate disorder in your neck that needs a diagnosis.

    Dr. Corenman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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