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    A little over a month ago I sustained an injury. I had muscle tightness in my right trap, right pec and neck pain, right arm pain, and tingling in right finger tips. It was the worse pain that I have ever experienced and I am 61 years old. NSAIDs and muscle relaxers did not help. After 2 days of horrible pain, I reluctantly went to the ED. They were unable to help my pain with narcotics, so I was admitted to the hospital.

    The MRI indicated “severe spinal stenosis C6-C7”. I was scheduled to see pain management for a fluoroscopy steroid injection. I had to wait for 5 days because I had been on NSAIDs. After the injection, I finally got relief from the pain. I continued with PT and all was good.

    Here we are a little over a month later. All is still good except for one thing… I noticed that my right pec muscle is almost non-existent and my right tricept is small and mushy. My question is what in the world happened to my muscles? Could they have atrophied in that 2-3 week time that I was doing nothing or is there something else possible happening?

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