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    Hello doc.Corenman. I am Mongolian. My sister has a very hard pain in her neck. Here i’ll send u her report. Report of C-spine MRI examination: Multilevel degenerative change at C spine. Diffuse bulging disk left subarticular protrusion at C5/6; C6/7 with compressing of left C6/7 nerve roots. T2 stir high intense 1.7cm size node at some lower T and lumbar spines. Marginal osteophytes at thoracic and cervical spines. Facet arthrosis and thickening of ligamentum flavum in C spines. Spinal cord has no pathologic signal intensity changes. Paravertebral and prevertebral soft tissue has no pathologic changes. otherwise unremarkable. Please help us.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I assume that a “hard pain” in the neck is severe neck pain. You have to be more specific in regards to the location of the pain and the timing. Is the neck pain centrally located (in the center of the neck) or does it radiate into the shoulder and down the arm? If both, what are the percentages of pain in the neck vs. the shoulder/arm? Is it 60/40 neck shoulder vs. 80/20 shoulder/neck or?

    If the C6 and C7 nerve roots are compressed- your sister might have pain that radiates into the left shoulder and down the arm to the thumb side of the hand. If she bend her head backwards (extension)- this might cause increased pain in the arm and if she bends her head forward, she might gain some relief.

    I do not understand what that 1.7 cm node is in the thoracic and lumbar spines unless it is a Schmorl’s node (an endplate fracture that is generally benign).

    Dr. Corenman

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