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    Hi Doc,

    The following is Mom’s MRI Scan report. She is 48 years old and diabetic (type 2). Our doctor has suggested below medicines for 3 weeks.
    Flexabenz Plus
    Combination: Cyclobenzaprine 15 mg, aceclofenac 200 mg.

    Gabama M
    Combination: Methylcobalamin-500 mcg, Gabapentin-300 mg

    If pain doesn’t go in 3 weeks, he advised for surgery. I am not sure whether he is right. Please advise.

    T1 & T2 Sagittal and axial images:

    > Spondylotic changes are present
    > Normal Curvature is altered
    > C5-6 Disc space is relatively narrowed
    > Signal intensity if intervertebral discs is decreased
    > CV junction appears normal
    > There is mild posterior bulge of C5-6 disc indenting on thecal sac
    > Spinal canal and intervertebral foraminae are normal
    > Cord and nerve roots appear normal
    > Paravertebral Soft tissues are normal

    1. Cervical spondylosis with altered curvature and dehydration changes of intervertebral discs
    2. Posterior bulge of C5-6 disc indenting on thecal sac

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    There is nothing on this MRI that immediately concerns me. If this was my patient, I would first have them complete a full rehabilitation program and possibly use epidural steroids. If that failed, a surgical work-up could be considered. Surgery is only indicated if pain is out of control, the patient has failed rehab and the pain generator is identified.

    Medications do help with the recovery but are only one of the various treatments methods available.

    Dr. Corenman

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