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    I wrote to you a while ago about my 80 yr old mother who has bilateral calf pain which affects her only when she walks and stops when she rests.
    I want to give you a list of problems from her MRi and i would like,if you can,tell me which one is probably the major cause of her callves hurting?

    1. grade1 anterolisthesis of L3 and L4. Also at L5-S1.
    2. Li-L2 disc herniation.
    3. L2-L3 annular bulging
    .4. L3-L4 larger central disc herniation and annular tear.Hypertropic changes are noted in facets and flava.Central canal stenosis at this level of probable moderate to severe.
    5. L4-L5 mild stenosis and disc herniation.
    6 L5-S1 multilevel facet arthosis.Left greater than right neural foraminal stenosis.

    whatever you can see would be helpful.

    thank you.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Remember that the probable source of your mother’s pain is canal narrowing or spinal stenosis. An anterolysthesis in the radiologist’s eyes is most likely a degenerative spondylolysthesis. These two levels at L3-4 and L5-1 are therefore more likely to be associated with stenosis (see section of degenerative spondylolysthesis on the web site).

    The radiologist mentions L3-4 where the “Central canal stenosis” is moderate to severe. He also mentions L5-S1 where foraminal stenosis is significant. Your mother’s symptoms could be from either level but foraminal stenosis causes lep pain in a specific pattern and not a general bilateral pattern. More likely than not, the stenosis at L3-4 is where the pain is generated.

    Good Luck

    Dr. Corenman

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