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    Dr. Corenman,
    Can you give me your opinion on my MRI results? Two surgeons suggested doing a Formationity on the C3/C4. All my pain is on the right side. Mostly in the trap area. I had a ACDF on C5/C6 5 years ago. I’m not completely happy with the results. Also should I be concerned about the Chiari I malformation?

    Vertebral body heights and alignment are anatomic.
    The cord signal is normal.
    Posterior fossa structures show tonsillar ectopia of 6 mm with Chiari I malformation. No syrinx. Mild chronic-appearing paranasal sinus disease.
    Marrow signal normal.
    Stable fusion C5-C6 with no abnormal enhancement.

    C2-C3: No central or neural foraminal stenosis.
    C3-C4: Degenerative changes with uncinate spurring and mild facet hypertrophic changes contributing to right greater than left neural foraminal stenosis similar to previous.
    C4-C5: Mild disc osteophyte contributing to mild narrowing of the central canal and moderate narrowing of the neural foramina unchanged.
    C5-C6: Postoperative change with uncinate spurring right greater than left contributing to a mild to moderate narrowing of the neural foramina right greater than left. No significant change from prior.
    C6-C7: Mild disc osteophyte complex with small central annular tear. Uncinate spurring mild. Mild narrowing of the central canal. Minimal neural foraminal narrowing unchanged.
    C7-T1: No central or neural foraminal stenosis.

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