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    Dr. Corenman: I recently had an MRI of the Thoracic Spine: Results: Multilevel disc desiccation change and endplate spurring. Schmorl’s node invaginations involve multiple mid and lower thoracic endplates. without associated marrow edema. t9-t10 3mm broad based right paracentral disc herniation impinges upon the right anterolateral cord t8-t9 disc buldge I AM IN UPPER BACK AND CHEST MUSCLE PAIN ALMOST EVERY DAY IN SOME FORM . MY MUSCLES ARE ALWAYS VERY TIGHT AND UNCOMFORTABLE. I SIT AT A DESK AND AM ON A COMPUTER 5 DAYS A WEEK 8-5. iS THIS THE FULL RESULT OF MY MRI FINDINGS? wHAT CAN BE DONE? This is going on for a few years… .

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You have a variant of Scheuermann’s disorder. I do not know by your report if you have an increased thoracic kyphosis. This is an increase of the “round back” curve in the mid back. This increased curve is diagnosed by a standing lateral X-ray of the mid back.

    Scheuermann’s causes pain by two and occasionally three factors. FIrst, the increased curve places more stress on the spine due to alignment. The increased curve places more stress on the discs and facets. This strain is resisted by the extensor muscles of the mid back. When the muscles fatigue from this increased stress, they “burn”.

    This “burn” can be reduced by strengthening these muscles. Rowing exercises and extension exercises can help to reduce the pain and increase your sitting time without pain.

    The second pain generation could be from aggregation of degenerative disc disease. Stretching the spine into extension (lying over an exercise ball on your back) periodically during the day at work will help to relieve some of this pain.

    The possible third pain generator is a disc herniation. This can cause nerve compression. If that symptom is present, an epidural injection can help with the pain.

    Dr. Corenman

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