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    I have been suffering from neck pain for 2 years or more now. I had an MRI and Dr suggested I need surgery. I would like some advice and help if surgery is only option or i can have any other treatment. I am very scared of the surgery please help to clarify this result as it seems too complicated for me. Many thanks


    Multi-planar,multi-sequence MRI of cervical spine was performed on 1.5 tesla phillips acheva scanner using 8 cahnnel nv coil


    Curvature and Alignment
    Straightening and reversal of the normal cervical lordosis.
    Vertebral Bodies

    With anterior and posterior osteophytic formations especially at c5/6. Focal fatty deposits/hemangioma within the c5 vertebral body.

    Posterior elements

    Facetal arthropathy especially at c7/01 on theleft


    Small right foraminal disc herniation at C3/4 right paramedian and foraminal disc herniation at c5/6 identing the discs and impinging upon the nerve roots at the recess and neuroforament left paramedian disc. Osteophyte complex at c6/7 also obliterating the theca and imping upon the nerve roots at recess and neuroforamen.

    Canal and Foramins
    Canal stenosis of about 8mm at c5/6, c6/7

    Paravertebral sof tissues normal.

    Spinal cord

    Slight cord impingement by the posterior disc osteophytic complexes at c5/6, c6/7. No obvious cord signal changes seen.

    Left paramedian disc osteophyte disc osteophyte complex at C6, the nerve roots at the recess and neurofaramen canal stenosis of about 8mm and slight cord impingement without myelopathy at c5/6, c6/7

    Thanks please advice if any further test can be done before I can decide if surgery is necessary and if surgery is only option in my case. Thanks

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    If you have neck pain with these MRI findings, you might need surgery. First a work-up is in order to discover the pain generators. This might be as little as selective nerve root blocks, facet blocks or as much as discograms.

    Many times, a thorough history and physical examination along with a careful review of the images will lead to a strong preliminary diagnosis and some simple tests can be used to help understand the pain generators.

    See the section “When to have neck surgery” to understand the parameters for surgery.

    Dr. Corenman

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