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    I hope you can help me. I recently had an MRI checking for MS. I currently have SLE and Vasculitis plus a few other autoimmune conditions. The neurologist told me I was fine and there was nothing else wrong with me. I’m hoping you can have a look at my report and make an suggestions. I’m tired of living with pain and I refuse pain medications. I do take 3000mg of CellCept daily and 50mg Minax for very recent BP issues. I’m a 45 year old female who is of normal weight.

    Mild spondylotic changes demonstrated in the cervical spine including small lower cervical posterior disc osteophyte complex which causes only minimal central canal narrowing. There is some cervical spine foraminal narrowing (no dedicated oblique acquisitions).
    Disc bulge at T5-6 indents the ventral cord however there is no cord signal change and there remains CSF dorslly. There is a prominent ligamentum flavum calcification at T6-7 which causes mild to moderate central canal stenosis, the cord appears normal and CSF is still maintained around the cord.
    Disc desiccation in the lumbar spine, greater inferiority. Small circumferential disc bulge at L4-5. No significant central canal stenosis or foraminal narrowing in the lumbar spine.

    Any help would really be very helpful. I’m so tired of living in pain and not being able to stand for any length of time.I have multiple issues including left sided weakness. Shooting pains from shoulder to hand, feet/hands burning. Pain that wraps around my ribs, mainly right side. Vertigo. Too many to mention really.

    Thank you!

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