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    I was wondering if I should be concerned? this is my MRI report , do this indicate if I have any lessions?

    The Brain parenchymn is within normal limits in signal intensity.There is no evidence of deymelination or infarction.There is no hydrocephalus.No Abnormal increased susceptibilty is seen in the brain parenchyma on the gradient echo sequence.No acute abnormality is noted on diffusion weighted imaging. The visualized intracrancial flow voids are within normal limits in appearance.

    The piturary gland appears a bit bulky and mildly heterogenous in signal on T1 and T2 .It is measured 8mm suoerior inferiorly and appears stable compared to the previous study.these findings are non specific.
    There is musosel thickening in the etmoid and maxillary sinuses.


    The Brain is within normal limits in apperanace but there is no evidence of deyelimation.

    The pituary gland appears bulky and mildly heterogenous. I note that the pituary gland does measure up to 9mm to 10mm superior inferiorly on the sagittal cervical spine images. This could be performed with contrast . I note the patient has a history of an adrendal malignancy and therefore post contrast images would be helpful to most confidently exclude intracranial metastic diease.

    Thank you very much

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I am not an expert on brain MRI interpretation. I cannot comment on the findings regarding the pituitary.

    Dr. Corenman

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