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    INDICATION: electrmyogram abnormal, 26 yo M with EMG showing ulnar nerve
    involvement an positive spurlings test on exan concerning for cervical nerve root

    TECHNICAL FACTORS: Multiplanar MR images of the cervical spine are obtained.

    FINDINGS: There is mild loss of signal and height of most of the cervical intervertebral
    discs. There is mild posterior spondylosis at C3-4, C4-5 and C5-6. Marrow signal is
    normal. The neural foramina and lateral recesses are widely patent at all levels. There is
    left dorsolateral spondylosis at C5-6 causing very mild flattening of left ventral hemicord.
    The remaining levels the central canal is widely patent. The remainder of the cord and
    straits normal shape. There are no cord signal abnormalities. There are no perivertebral
    soft tissue abnormalities.

    IMPRESSION: Left dorsolateral spondylosis at C5-6 is causing mild left ventral
    hemicord flattening. No other neural compressive abnormalities present.

    My symptoms have been neck pain, and pain radiating down shoulder, arm and into fingers, as well as tingling. It is not 100% constant, but flare up’s every day.

    Thanks :)

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    By the EMG results, you have cubital tunnel syndrome so I would assume you have tingling into your ring and little finger. This condition is separate from your neck which has some degenerative changes but no noted nerve compression (“The neural foramina and lateral recesses are widely patent at all levels”).

    For your neck and elbow problems, try at least six weeks of physical therapy to see if symptoms improve. See these to understand your conditions. and

    Dr. Corenman

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