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    I had a tlif approximately 1 year ago but I seem to have some issues I had a MRI of my back here are the results: MRI of Thoracic spine…
    The alignment OK s within normal limits. The vertebral bodies are maintained in height and bone marrow signal. No bone marrow edema noted. There is disc desiccation at several levels. There is thickening of posterior longitudinal ligament extending from T4-5 to T9-T8. At T8-9 there is a posterior right paracentral disc protrusion mildly compressing the spinal canal. Minimal disc bulges are noted at T6-7 and T9-10 without significant compression of the the cal sac which continues to measure 11-12mm.

    MRI exam lumbar spine: At L5-S1 the disc is desiccated. A posterior fusion is present with satisfactorily positioned plates and pedicle screws at L5 and S1 levels. There is a left paracentral extradural density which is impinging on the left lateral aspect of the the cal sac probably affecting both exiting left L5 root and S1 root. An intradiscal plug is well positioned.It is difficult to determine whether this extradural density is due to recurrent or acute disc herniation or scarring. From the noncontrast appearance, scarring or adhesions is favored.

    I have been experiencing very bad low back and left buttock and leg to foot pain with occasional problems moving my leg. I have to walk with a cane and the pain keeps me from sleeping much. I have bee JM to pain management and they suggest a spinal cord stimulator. Is there something else that should be done to help give me my life back, the pain is keeping me from doing small task.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Continued lower back and leg pain needs to be worked up to determine the cause before a spinal cord stimulator is considered. You need to describe your symptoms in a manner that is biomechanical. See the section under “how to describe symptoms” to better convey what you are going through.

    The possibilities include pseudoarthrosis (lack of fusion), remaining or new onset compression of the nerve root, possible disorders in the levels above or below and chronic neuropathic pain.

    Dr. Corenman

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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