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    MY husband has been fighting pain in the lower left side of his back/hip for 3 months. We have been to a neuroligist. The pain has gotten so bad he is now in a wheelchair, cannot sit, stand and only lays on is right side, still with 9-10 plus pain. We had an mri done the friday before thanksgiving with him knocked out because he cannot lay down or straighten the leg without immense pain. The result was a bone fragment or piece of disc that is narrowing the nerve at the L5S1 region, but not at the spinal column, more toward the left glute and very low. We have now had 3 steroid shots 2 of depomedrol and 1 of dexamethasone. The last 2 shots gave him relief for 12 hours the next day. Today we had to carry him to the couch. We need advice to exactly what is our next option. I believe his symptons more mirror lateral recess stenosis, but it a little different place. Please help us, he is a very young man with a family to raise, and this has devastated us. He needs relief, that can get him up and going not parayze him. Thanks for your advice

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    By your husband’s complaints, it appears that your husband has compression of the S1 nerve root at the L5-S1 disc. It is a possibility that the compression could be the L5 nerve root if the spur or herniation is in the foramen but that should not matter to you.

    He already has had 3 epidural injections with only temporary relief and has had pain for over three months. He is in extremis (severe pain that prevents him from walking).

    Based upon what you have told me, he should be a candidate for a surgical decompression of this level. Find a competent spine surgeon and get a consultation. Surgery should have at least a 90% chance of relieving a good portion of his pain.

    Dr. Corenman

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