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    Hello, Doctor. I had a microdiscectomy for a small disc herniation at L4/L5 about 13 weeks ago. I had immediate and nearly complete pain relief following the surgery, with only numbness remaining. Over time the numbness has subsided almost completely.

    Three or so days ago, after a day of work, I noticed a bit of glute and leg pain- it was deep, and definitely felt nerve related. I have had significant lower back pain when sitting nearly the entire time since my surgery. The nerve pain that has returned seems to primarily crop up at the end of the day, with almost no pain at all during the day. It doesn’t flare up when walking like it did pre-surgery.

    My main question is in regards to flare-ups. Can flare-ups happen at this point in my recovery? Is it at all likely considering the fact that I haven’t had very much pain or numbness for going on a month and a half? I haven’t had many flare ups, and I haven’t done anything strenuous. I haven’t bent over, twisted, or lifted anything significant. I am slightly worried I managed to reherniate. I have not had physical therapy because my doctor suggested I wait twelve weeks, so I was getting ready to start, but I have made sure to walk plenty every day, and when I sit I make sure to get up and move.

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