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    Dear Dr. Corenman

    I am 28 yr old male,undergone a MRI Scan last week found following impression

    1. Lysis of pars interarticularis of L5 – S1 on both sides
    2. Facet joint arthropathy at L5 – S1 facet joints
    3. Minimal anterior wedging of D11 & D12 verebra with Schmorl’s nodes at D10, D11, D12 vertebrae.

    I am doing back excercise regularly but i always found little bit stress in back. I am doing all works like walking sleeping but little bit stress is there.
    Weather it is curable or not?, i should go for marriage or not?
    Please reply me i will be waiting for ur reply

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You have an isthmic spondylolisthesis of L5-S1 (see website for description) with facet joint arthropathy of the L5-S1 facets. You also have had Scheuermann’s disorder of the thoracolumbar junction (again- see website for description). This does not matter to you but the facet arthritis of L5-S1 is unusual as these joints are unloaded by the pars fractures and typically are pristine because of lack of loading.

    These disorders are normally nothing to cause great concern. You will not be paralyzed by these problems and will not be in a wheelchair. These two disorders can cause back and even leg pain but the pain is normally controllable with core strengthening.

    Many individuals with these disorders are happily married and you can marry without concern. If these problems become difficult to manage, surgery can be a viable option.

    Good luck spouse hunting!

    Dr. Corenman

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    Dear Doctor
    Thanks for your valuable approach towards your patients.
    Once again thanks sir.

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