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    Good day Doctor!!
    I was suffering from low back pain for a long time due to L5-S1 disc bulge (leading to Nerve root compression)problem. After all clinical attempt, I had L5-S1 Nucleoplasty under fluroscopy after discogram (sorry if I am wrong in spelling mistake).

    I am 27 year old bachelor guy having height 5 feet 5 inch and weight 70 Kg. My nature of job demands me to seat in front of desktop on and average 9-10 hours.

    I was happily doing my job and daily activities and was following the precautions (avoiding forward bending, weight lifting etc etc) imposed on me. The only problem I was facing is that most of the time I find my back is exhausted, but it was easily manageable with regular exercises. However, all on a sudden after 6 months of the surgery,in a fine morning I find so much of pain that I was not able to step forward. Now I am doing better with physiotherapy treatment. But not as good as I was for 6 months after the surgery. The back seems to be exhausted most of the time and the pain used to be there as well. The therapist told me it happened due to the fact that I run on trade mill(i guess it may be may not be as well).

    Any way, I am following the recommended exercises on a daily basis and taking every precaution that I need to take care of. Still the pain is there and sometimes I feel the pain moves down towards the leg also.

    Please suggest me what I should do at this moment of time. As I am 27 only, I have to go a long way. I was also thinking of some slipper/shoes suitable for back pain, but don’t have idea regarding the necessity as well as availability of the same.


    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    A nucleoplasty is in my opinion a procedure that is generally ineffective. The removal of nucleus from a disc space causes further collapse of the disc height and progresses the nature of degenerative disc disease.

    Since you have lower back pain as your main symptom, this is most likely generated from the degenerative disc at L5-S1. A standard program of core strengthening (Pilates is my favorite foundation for this), appropriate medications and activity restriction is the order of the day. Epidural injections are used for recalcitrant symptoms. Finally, if nothing else works and you feel disabled or substantially impaired, a surgical workup could be considered.

    Dr. Corenman

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