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    Hello again Doctor Corenman

    I contacted you a while back regarding my daughter Abbey, who was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at age 14, when she had her first disc rupture at L5-S1. Abbey’s condition is in no way injury/sports related, at best guess so far doctors she has seen believe it is a hereditary condition or a birth defect of some sort.

    I am wondering…if there might be a way for me to send you her latest MRI from today(I have it on disc) and if you could give me your impression of her current condition. Her last MRI was 2/2011 at which time all lumbar discs were affected.

    She is now having right hip and leg pain intermittently and some numbness on the sole of her right foot.

    Abbey is just turning 17 in April, and barely makes it through the school day. She lives in a level 6-7 pain every day. She is a 4.25 GPA HS student, and I have to say I admire her so much for the strength and perseverance she has shown the past 3 years.

    Abbey had steroid injections done at age 14 when her first disc ruptured, but ended up with Cushing’s symptoms, and so we have not re-explored that option to date. At this point we are beginning to think we should pursue disability for Abbey, due to the fact that she cannot work. She was even released from PT, as the therapists have stated “there is nothing more they can do for her”.

    Can you help?

    Thank-You in Advance,

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I would be happy to review her MRI. Please call the office at 888 888-5310 to get the information needed to FedEx the DVD of her films. Please get a second copy of her films as we do not ship these films back.

    Dr. Corenman

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