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    hi dr here is what my cat scan says. degen chngs at l5/s1 chronic ossified covered by posterior osteophytes moderate to large central r posterolat herniation of l5/s1 disc. an element of central stenosis is noted at the l5/s1 level and there is bilat foraminal narrowing due to marginal osteophytes. mild bulging of annulus of l4/l5 disc with small r foraminal component but located below actual level of exit of the r l4 nerve root. i was in pain for 4 months, and extreme pain for 3 weeks. when i went to emergency in an ambulance the pain on my left buttock thigh etc stopped and my leg went numb. 8 days later the numbness has improved 40%. emerg dr says i need to see a neuro surgeon. what do you think i am 55 year old female. thanks for your advice.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your CT scan notes a large right posterlateral herniated disc at L5-S1 also causing some central stenosis and bilateral foraminal stenosis at the same level. There is mild degenerative changes of the L4-5 level.

    This can compress the S1 nerve on the right or the L5 nerves on either side. The Si nerve would cause pain while sitting more than standing and the L5 nerves on either side would cause more pain when standing relieved with sitting or lying down. Since you note only left sided leg pain, the right-sided herniation at L5-S1 should not be causing symptoms.

    Diagnostic injections can point to the diagnosis. See the section under injections on the website for more information.

    Dr. Corenman

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