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    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from low back pain problem from almost 2 years. MRI report shows L4-L5 and also L5-S1 disc bulge, though doctor says radiologist considered it as disc bulge, but we cant say L5-S1 disc bulge happens, but L4-L5 disc bulge is confirmed.
    My life was going on normally with precautions like avoiding forward bending etc, usage of LS belt when I feel a little pain. But recently the pain starts radiating down the leg upto the feet. Sometimes I find the leg a bit weighty.
    I have come across a non surgical solution for the same problem called “OZONE NUCLEOLYSIS”, I hoe you are quite aware of this technique/procedure. I find this procedure is not practiced hugely (specially in India). Can you suggest whether this will be beneficial for me or not and also this technique may having any drawback which may result serious problem in future. I am 26 years old working employee.

    Thanks & Regards
    Subhajit Roy
    Agartala, India.
    [email protected]

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Oxygen that we breathe is found doubled up (O2) where one molecule of oxygen is bound to the other. Oxygen is stable in that form. Ozone is oxygen that is tripled up (O3). This “abnormal” joining of the oxygen molecules makes it unstable and this ozone complex want to shed one of its oxygen molecules to revert back to O2.

    This causes oxidation of any substance that comes in contact with O3 (ozone). In the body, proteins and other biological substances will become oxidized with destruction of the biological functions.

    There are significant problems with ozone. First, ozone is a gas and injection of gas into the tissues can cause an air embolus. If ozone is inadvertently injected into an artery or vein, this gas bubble can travel up or down the vessel and lodge in a sensitive structure and cause loss of that structure.

    The second is that by ozones very nature, it is a destructive substance and therefore similar to prolotherapy. I do not think that injecting a destructive substance into the body without knowing exactly where it is going and what structures it is affecting is sound medical practice.

    Nucleolysis has been around for years in many forms starting with chemonucleolysis from papaya enzyme back in the 60s and 70s. It was ineffective then. How has this changed? There were devastating injuries from injection this substance including transverse myelitis (full paralysis from this chemical contacting the cord or nerves). I think that any endorsement of this technique is not appropriate as there are going to be significant injuries.

    Dr. Corenman

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