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    i have q if activity like swimming freestyle are can danger (if patient have little compress on spinal cord from posterior )
    the freestyle do with mask (so rotation not happen aggravation (i swimming this in last 8 month )
    also free times in week in the last 3 week (1.6-2 km every time 30-40 minutes )
    its range in (60 second to 50 meter range average .)
    this could be danger (or this very safe activity also with little compress in small area from posterior .

    meni learn
    Post count: 205

    i have symptoms from sensory (worsen )
    they started with heavy legs bfore 2 month and now its worsen also more numbness in both legs with loss of a sensation in feet (also needles and pins in both legs knees also pain in the legs (pain are not worsen but feel pain )
    this is what is this compress of the spinal cord from posterior effect to my symptoms (i m going to do MRI 3 tesla in few days (because i m know this come from the neck )
    if i listen to some of dr talk me a bout other not issue in my case (i will keep and can loss neurological and the surgery not back me what is loss .
    in sever case i also can arrived to wheel chair (the pressure on the spinal cord come after the trauma in the pool degenerative disc facet even disc collapse and ligament ticking.
    want i have time to go to us to some spine surgeon.(and i want arrived to your office if u can send me datils what i need for all to check.
    HOPE I HAVE THE time to see spine expert (no who let me to get to this situation .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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