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    I have been havin neck pain for a little over a year ! It first started when i was getting out of my suv , I slipped on a patch of ice .My back went aginst the seat aginst my shoulders my neck was throwing back and my head hit the seat ,the part you sit on . It happen agin as i was trying to stand back up ! I saw a chiropacter it helped a little during that time of treatment i was in a car accident my head went side to side ( hitting window and then to the right my car was stoped by goin up a curb in to a hill which made me fly foward and then backward ! few months later finshed with treatment ! i was doing good some pain from arthrits in the neck now and then and the my nephew was throwing a fit and kicked me in the chin which jerked my neck to the right ! I am now in alot of pain and My arms feel weak and heavy i have tingling down my arms and into my hands feeling like im being shocked and my arm is asleep ,three times so far my legs have done it to ! i get this filling like some one is poking my feet with a needle on top and bottom ! my hands do it to . I feel like if i move a certain way it well dislocate ! Also it feels like i am unable to support my head it is more painful sitting up and a little more tolerant with laying down i know it is not a diagnose but it well possible be a step in the right direction ! because i have seen lots of providers who wont help and accuse me of seeking dugs ! which doesnt make things better ! .

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your symptoms could originate from an injury of the discs and facets of the cervical spine (see anatomy of cervical spine on website) or from compression of the spine cord (a condition called myelopathy- see website). I hope you have seen a spine specialist and had an MRI of your neck. A good specialist can educate you regards potential causes and the appropriate treatments.

    Dr. Corenman

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