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    Hi Dr Corenman,

    You were a big help when I was considering surgery. Four months ago I decided to move forward and I had a microdiscectomy of l4/l5, hemilaminectomy and facectomy for severe spinal stenosis. I didn’t know I was getting the facectomy till morning of the surgery – but trusted my doc.

    Recovery has been overall pretty good. However, I get pain on my right side hip / lower back / sometimes buttocks. Hard to pinpoint. It’s at its worst when I’m cycling up a hill, like a throbbing burn, but different from the sciatica I had before for sure, and nowhere near as bad. I noticed my back cracks often now too when I get up from sitting down, and it almost feels a little unstable. When I lift something I can feel it right in that spot in my lower right-side of my back. I never lose balance or anything, but something feels “off”.

    Doc is ordering another MRI w/o contrast, but never has been very concerned with trying to find the true source of symptoms. Any thoughts here? Thanks!

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your symptoms could be residual discomfort from your nerve root irritation. It can take up to a year (only 6 months) to calm down. The popping/clicking you feel in your back are the facet surfaces that needs to “smooth over” after a decompression.

    Probably still give it some time. A new MRI will be helpful but flexion/extension X-rays would also be helpful to look for aberrant motion.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Thank you, sir!

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