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    Dr Corenman,

    First and foremost I must say the resources you have made available to the public, regardless if they are your patient or not, is outstanding. Between your videos and articles I have gained a better understanding of not only my symptoms, but potential causes and methods to reduce pain and expedite my recovery times. I am forever grateful for your willingness to share this knowledge.

    I received an MRI yesterday, but with no one on duty until Mon or Tues to interpret my scans, I am left in a state of limbo for the next few days. This is an injury incurred in the line of duty of my occupation and as such, am making sure to dot my i’s and cross my t’s. My employer and the practitioners my Dept requires us to use for employment-based illnesses’ and injuries leaves a lot to be desired. Lets just say my City is nationally renowned for corruption and cronyism, and the contract between my City and this provider network is no different. The following link is my set of scans uploaded to a DICOM library available for view:
    (I apologize for not including the complete URL but the forum flags me as spam and won’t allow the post)

    If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you take a moment to review and affirm or clarify my suspicions (some sort of small herniations at the S1/L5 & L5/L4)?

    I am a 28 y/o male in otherwise healthy condition, with an average body composition.



    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Thanks for the approval. I think the website takes the mystery out of spine so you can understand what can go wrong and how to fix it.

    Your MRI notes a disc herniation at L5-S1 left and mild degenerative disc disease at L4-5. This could cause left buttock and leg pain that could radiate to your foot along with paresthesias (pins and needles). Normally, the pain would be increased with sitting and lessened with standing but that can vary. Occasionally, only lower back pain without leg pain could occur.

    I removed your URL to continue anonymity.

    Dr. Corenman

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