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    hi doc… when im riding a motor suddenly i get bump and then the other day i feel electricity in my whole body… and months later its gone when my doctor saidtake lyrica and then after how many months it come back again my right hand get numb… and how many months my left hand get numb also.. and my walking get hard my body s heavy so i go to my doctor and they said make an m.r.i… and they find out that my c1,c2,c3 is having a decompression….so they got operared me infront of my neck they put a titannium……. and after the surgery its still the same i feel theres no changes…… and after 1 year i go back to my doctor and i make a m.r.i again… and they find out thatback of my neck its have also a decompression… and they got operate me again the procedure is anterior decompression and fusion….. but its 2 months later its desame ….. my body is also heavy ,hard to walk, and my hands are numb………..doc… can u help me doc? what s ur opinion doc?im american citizen what s ur opion ?do i have to go there ?im dis able but i can walk slowly….

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    By your description of symptoms, it sounds like you had developed myelopathy (see section on myelopathy in this web site). The doctors diagnosed the compression of your spinal cord was from “C1,C2,C3” and performed surgery to decompress the cord from the front of your neck. It sounds like they placed a titanium plate or cage. Your symptoms did not change and one year later, you underwent another operation with an ACDF (see chapter on website for that description).Your symptoms have not changed since both operations.

    Myelopathy is caused by compression of the spinal cord. Surgery is designed to reduce or eliminate the compression on the cord. If there is cord damage already- surgery will hopefully prevent further progression of cord damage. The chance of the spinal cord healing is up to mother nature and not very common. This is why it is most important to diagnose the disorder earlier than later.

    By your report, it may be that you had the first surgery, developed a pseudoarthrosis (the bone graft did not heal in) and needed a second surgery as the compression reoccurred. I can not tell you if the second surgery was successful, but if you have an MRI or CT scan performed after the second surgery, I would be happy to take a look at it. Call 970 476-1100 and ask to talk to one of my nurses.

    Dr. Corenman

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