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    hi dr corenman,
    i was in to see you a couple weeks ago for severe degeneration of my cervical spine. you gave me a referral to a dr. here in salt lake city. i will be seeing him on the 25 of this month.
    i since have had a full spine and brain mri. in addition to the pain from my cervical spine im having left sided weakness, pain down the back of my left leg and pins and needles on my left calf. i would very much appreciate your opinion on the thoracic and lumbar spine portion. in addition, i have a 8mm pineal cyst and a few t2 and flair lesions on my brain (not your area, but may explain the headaches, vision changes and burning on left side of face)

    mri t-spine w/o contrast
    findings: there is a 8mm t1 and t2 hyperintense and lesion in the t11 vertebral body likely representing a hemangioma, benign finding.
    1:multilevel degenerative chances in the thoracic spine which are most significant at t4-t5 and t9-t10 where a central disc protrusion indents the ventral surface of the spinal cor without osseous canal narrowing.
    2:subtle t2 hyper-intensity within bilateral far later aspect of spinal cord at t4-t5.
    mri l-spine w/o contrast
    1: mild degenerative changes in the lumbar spine consisting of a symmetric disc bulge with an annular fissure without foraminal or spinal canal narrowing. this disc bulge slight effaces the extra foraminal exiting left l4 nerve root.
    2: mild left foraminal narrowing at l5/s1

    i really appreciate any input you might have that could help me move forward with treatment here in slc.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    The differential diagnosis for the MRI findings is long. I am sure this doctor will be able to go through these and find the source of the symptoms. You might have more than one problem that needs to be addressed.

    Dr. Corenman

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    Thanks for the reply. I see an ortho on the 25th. Thinking he might refer me to a neuro…which means more waiting. Argh!

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