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    Dr. My wife has been attending a pain management facility for over 1 year. Recently we had a 3rd opinion about her spinal pain (L4 -L5) and for the first time heard the term “foraminal stenosis”, and of course this new surgeon says he can help her. (Spine center seminar) 1 other neuro (7 months ago) has said she is non surgical. She has shown no signs of improvement with steroid shots (3 rounds now) and nerve cauterization etc… The pain is now almost unbearable and she takes several pain meds daily w/no ability to sit, or walk long distances. She is now nauseous with pain. Is this condition ever deemed “non surgical’ forever? I mean if she was a quarterback for a pro team would they say the career is over? I am skeptical of this pain management center since they have proven useless and I think they are just bleeding the insurance company. We live in Washington DC area and I could use a pointer in the right direction to help her. Thank you

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You are now entering the world of multiple spine diagnoses by different professionals. It is amazing for me to see what prior diagnoses are given to me by patients who have seen other expert practitioners who have missed or misinterpreted the pain generators. The old saying carries some truth- “Get 10 spine specialists into a room and ask a question- you will get 15 different responses”.

    Foraminal stenosis (see website) normally causes buttocks and leg pain with standing and walking relieved by bending forward, crouching, sitting and lying in the bed with knees bent. If your wife has back pain more than leg pain, her problem is not primarily foraminal stenosis.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know someone in the DC area who I can refer you to. You could send her images to my office and I would be happy to review them. (970) 476-1100

    Dr. Corenman

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