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    Dr. Corenman:
    You performed an L4-S1 TLIF + revision TLIF L5-S1 on 3/25/2013.

    I am doing well in general but continue to have severe foot bottom pain (plantar aspect right foot in Eric’s notes).

    My physical therapist has been doing ultra-sound treatments and agrees that the pain is in the Flexor Hallucus Longus to inside of “ordinary plantar fasciitis”.

    In any case: the “Hamstring Stretches” described in the (Post Opp Forum) section would seem to be forbidden by the bending rules as I understand it for my situation.

    Since steroid shots IN the foot are forbidden for now, is there any other thing you can recommend?

    Your post opp book mentions “gentle hamstring stretches”.

    How gentle?

    If I keep my lower back PERFECTLY strait, may I bend forward at the ankles and do “push-ups” against a wall?

    Or, considering what a mess my back was (did you say it resembled broken up potato chips, or was I delusional?) should I live with the foot pain until we can confirm a solid fusion (June 20, 2013 next visit)

    The foot pain limits my walking exercise to <1 mile at this point.

    -Steve J 12/25/1953

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Hamstring stretches are OK if they are performed gently and not ballistically (with force and the “bouncing maneuver”). Stretching only one side at a time tends not to place significant stress on the healing fusion mass.

    If this pain in your foot is impairing your progress, a steroid injection into the plantar fascia is acceptable. That is as long as it is performed under strict sterile conditions and an antibiotic is taken one hour before.

    Yes, you can perform push-ups against the wall if you keep your back straight.

    Dr. Corenman

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