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    It is the disc on the front ?
    I know that with out my injury i do not have any problem in my neck (because my neck structure was very normal
    Also alignment very normal (so with this structure need to be normal wear and tear barring injury .
    But with my specific trauma ,the structure (disc multi level degeneration) lead to facet arthritis and lead to ligament flavum contract
    And buckling on the spinal cord (this also contact to loosen disc high and degeneration.
    I see that the , most of the nerosurgeon and spine surgeon not honestly to say this .
    The not prepared to someone have a lot of information to average person from the street with out any formal education (but that true is i know a lot because i m read ,and i m listen to lecturers (and there is a lot of information, good information your website
    But also YouTube video very amazing job doing by Experts dr .

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Meni, I think you are looking for something that is not there. Step away and look at this from an emotional distance. You can become so full of facts that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Dr. Corenman

    meni learn
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    I say some of the FACTS
    I m also hear u in your channel talking a bout honestly from insurance company
    not published any number about complicated in surgery.
    also what u say about spine and neurosurgeons (“that them general going to learn how to do brain surgery
    find a way there is not enough business to brain surgery and end to do spine surgeon ….
    i gave you one statistic (“50 of my work it is to revision failed surgery from people from other place
    80% of them are neurosurgeon patient .

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