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    Dear D. Corenman,

    First let me thank you for your distinctive site. Congratulations only few people all over the world who are able to be helpful to people the way you are.

    On 15th of May, I had a bad neck posture while watching TV, then it was very painful to move my neck, it took around a week for the condition to improve, but from time to time I have some pain in my left shoulder, fingers and my left eye.
    I had MRI on the 9th of July, the report says thet I have mild CV3-4 disc bulge which indents the centeral part of the related thecal sac. No significant root compression.
    My condition kept fluctuating till one week ago where the pain increased in my left hand, shoulder and eye. Then the pain now moves from my left eye to my let ear then to my left nose accompanied by headache in the left part of my head.

    I want to know if the pain in eyes,ears and nose is directly related to the CV3-4 disc bulge or there is something else. Is there is something series and I have to take a quick action. shall I repeat the MRI, may be thecondition has changed.

    Thank you in advance


    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    A disc “bulge” generally causes no cord or root compression. The C3-4 level can refer pain into the back of the head and around the ear through the facet. Your report of abnormal posture while watching TV causing your neck to become “stuck” and painful fits with a facet disorder.

    Generally, this is not a disorder that requires an immediate surgical intervention. In fact, a good physical therapy program or chiropractic care can help the symptoms. If the symptoms do not abate, consideration of facet blocks is the next step (see website).

    I cannot explain the nose pain as this region is supplied by a cranial nerve that is not affected by any cervical disorder.

    Dr. Corenman

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