Do my mother only need surgery to recover?

///Do my mother only need surgery to recover?
Do my mother only need surgery to recover?


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    My mother is 62yrs female.Who had foot drop and fallen from stairs just one step and then she got pain in the waist. Thinking pain is from gastritis she took some antacid but that pain started to be acute day by day.Day by day she started to fell problem in walking and that walking problems started to increase as the time passes by.Then she consulted an Othopedist who suggested immediate surgery(fusion with pedicle screw) even this doctor did not prescribe a single medicine telling that in such a situation prescribing medicine will be a sin to me.Worth to mention that before going to this orthopedist my mother visited some other doctors who prescribed almost same medicine (e.g. pregablin,omeprazol,several types of vitamin b, Baclofen tablel,aceclofenac etc).
    Now my mother facing problem mainly in the left side of the leg as below:
    1. Can not easily walk. Left leg is almost non helping while walking
    2. Feels weakness in the left knee while walking
    3. There prevails a while streak in the toe along thumb finger of the left leg
    4. Waist pain
    5.Can not stand without support if she sits on leg
    6. Can not stand for long
    7. Can not walk keeping the spine straight
    8.Problem in the left knee, left-leg-fingers and left leg
    9.Feels a stress in the ligament/muscle of the back side of left leg while walking
    10.Develops a depression like hole in the left thigh while walking.
    11.Whizzing sound in the chest
    12 No diabetes, creatinin level ~ 0.7, moderate hypertension

    Here i have shared the link to the MRI report in pdf format.

    Please suggest me if my mother only needs surgery to get cured.

    MRI report: MRI Report

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