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    Dear Doctor,

    I have a few questions regarding the condition. I have asked my doctor, but he keeps on telling me that this is forever and there’s nothing i can do to heal. I still reject that thought, and believe otherwise.

    1. Is there anything I can do to heal the discs and make them stronger?
    lately i figured suppliments+blood circulation in the area???

    2. How can we make our body deposit reinforcements into the disc linings to make it stronger?

    I truly want to get rid of it once and for all. I had two ruptured discs when i was 22, now i have only one disc that gives me problems, the famous L5-S1 region. its been six years, i’m 28, i really hope i still have time to heal.

    I am very active, play hockey once a week. Two weeks ago i bought a roman chair, and it greatly helps to relieve pain and make my back stronger. i also own a bar and do dead lifts, but recently i injured my ankle and it was very painful for two months so i stopped doing dead lifts, and the lower back pain came back to me. I understand i should make the muscles strong and hold my back. but at the same time i want to heal the disc, make it stronger and let it absorb some of the unexpected shocks to it.

    3. Is there blood vessels in the disc? How does the depository system for the disc work in our bodies?

    4. Resorption: i have a tiny portrusion in the disc as MRI shows. Is there anything i can do to promote my body to reabsorb that tiny portrusion quicker. I will do it every day, if i have to. Its been six years and i am so tired of the pain.

    Please help.

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