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    8 years ago my doctor told me I had a herniated disc so he sent me to a specialist and he said no I didnt have one, I didnt know who to believe or what to do. The pain went away but now it has come back full on. I find it hard to sit for a long time and constant shootimg pain down my leg as well as pain in my buttock. I recently had an MRI result and my doctor said I have degenerative arthritis. Could this have been caused by a herniated disk if indeed I had one? She did not really explain what this was, just that the cartilage is wearing down to nothing. I’ve been reading about DDD symptoms which also sounds like I may have. Could you please explain what you think is going on and what exactly this is

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Your history most likely fits this scenario. 8 years ago, you had a degenerative disc will a small posterior disc bulge seen by an MRI. Your primary care doctor saw that disc with the bulge and misinterpreted it as a herniated disc. You were seen by a surgeon who stated that the disc was not herniated and that was that.

    Years later, the degenerative cascade continued (once the disc starts the degenerative process, there is no going back). The disc narrowed in height and some bone spur formation started. The facets in back developed overload pressure and became somewhat degenerative.

    Your current doctor viewed the MRI and called it degenerative arthritis (see website to understand why that is not a great term for the spine).

    This degenerative segment now does not handle impact which in turn causes back pain and you also may have some leg pain from the bone spur formation.

    Does that sound like the situation at hand?

    Dr. Corenman

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