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    I was rear ended in a car accident last Christmas. I’ve had an MRI scan a few weeks a few weeks later. I have also been on constant anti inflammatory medication since, specifically celebrex . I’m still in constant pain and my life is on put on hold.

    The results on the MRI read:

    • minor degenerative change within T6-T7 disc space
    • early degenerative change within T11-T12 & T12-L1 disc spaces
    • minor compression deformity of the anterior superior endplates of C7
    • moderate compression deformity of the anterior superior endplate of T1
    • minor increased signal anterior sub endplate of C7 indicating recent trauma and minor compression fracture
    • minor to moderate degenerate change within C5-C6 disc space with a minimal focal bulging of disc material centrally and left paracentral position
    • minor degenerative change in the T12-L1 disc space with an old schmol node in the inferior endplate of T12 consistant with past adolescent epiphysitis

    Loss of lordosis in thoracic, cervical and lumber regions

    Since the accident, I have had several different issues. I was unable to get out of bed for several weeks due to the muscles spasms all over my back. The upper back area became heavy and a cold type feeling along with a constant pressure feeling, like a weight was on it.
    The lower area of my neck has constant tingling centrally and to the left down to the mid shoulder blade all the way up to near the top of the neck, and a burning radiating pain , the only solution is to ice the area. Whenever i walk the pressure from walking is felt in this area and the pain becomes too much to handle. Also my left arm/side has become a lot weaker including the shoulder area and the wrist.

    I have seen an orthopedic surgeon for a consultation and he has said to do constant physical therapy and dry needling, and see him again if im still having problems. I have been seeing an osteopath weekly, while at first there was an improvement , it has now ceased and I don’t feel it is doing any good at this stage. Each day the neck pressure is getting worse and its come to me to not being able to walk at all now. I’m 26 ,

    Thanks in advance for your time and help :)

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    This auto accident was traumatic enough to cause compression fractures of C7 and T1 according to your MRI results. These fractures take about eight weeks to heal. If there is no substantial damage to the discs and no compression of nerves, residual pain from these healed fractures should be minimal. That is as long as the alignment of the neck does not substantially change. With some fractures, the alignment is altered (increased kyphosis-see website) which causes dysfunction of these segments and even the ones above.

    With at least five months of therapy and no significant improvement, you can consider the next step which is interventional injections, either of the facets or epidurals in the spinal canal. The specific injection depends upon your specific history and physical examination. These injections are also diagnostic (they will identify the specific pain generators if performed properly-see pain diary).

    Finally, if the injections are ineffective but identify the pain generator, you might be a candidate for surgical intervention.

    Dr. Corenman

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