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    Hello Dr.Corenman, I found your youtube video and thought I would ask a few questions. My background is as a brickmason and a proformer. Im a guitarist by night. My surgery(fusion L5-S1)didnt go well at all. It was done in 2005 and Ive had nothing but pain since. Im very,very sick and tired of the pain and pain meds… I have 2 preious grandsons and cant always enjoy them. I really am at my wits end! I live in northern Ky near cincinnati. Ive talked to 3 different surgeons with no repore to build on. Maybe its me an the fact my 1st surgery didnt go well but I need help! since the economy crash Im no longer laying brick but Im still proforming, and on stage my heart pushes me to put on the best show I can packing a heavy guitar around on stage while running back and forth entertaining the paying crowd. But afterward Im on my knees.. The medication helps but I find Im Always running short at the end of the month and have to ration them so I dont run out and get in trouble with my Doctor! This is another game that I so so sick of! When my Dr ask if Im using them right well,Ive never lied in my life until this.. Can you Please help in some way? Dr.Kendell Hansen here in northern Ky has been my pain management Doctor for years, and has done one heck of a Job!! But due to the economy I dont have the extra money to see him for the shots that DO help ease the pain. So for the past 2 years my family Doctor has managed my medication only. Im on 2 Opana 40mg and 2 20mg a DAY. I NEED HELP! This is way to much but without them I cant do the things I must in order to enjoy the time I can with my family and proform as I always will!! Thank you, Jim Phillips I PRAY YOU CAN HELP.. I have the resourses to get to you if thats something that is agreed upon.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    The first question I have is why did the surgery not go well? There are many potential possibilities for this. Where is your pain now and where was it prior to the surgery? Was it mainly back pain or leg pain? Is the predominant pain now back pain or leg pain. Leg pain would include one sided buttocks pain and maybe one sided pelvis pain (sacroiliac pain). Is the pain made worse by standing or by sitting?

    After surgery, how did your pain change? Did you never have an interval of pain relief or did you have some relief for some months? Did you have a post-operative MRI or CT scan? Did some physician look to see if your attempted fusion became solid?

    There are many question that need to be answered for what is called “failed spine surgery syndrome”.

    Dr. Corenman

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