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    I had met with an accident a few years ago, which affected my walking ability. I am undergoing physiotherapy treatment for that now. Along with me, my cousin was also in the car. He too was crushed, under the car and had suffered an immense jolt to his head. Recently he was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy. The symptoms have been going on for almost 7-8 weeks for now. His right arm is getting weaker, and now he is complaining of numbness in his lower left back, buttock, and left upper leg. He is undergoing radiculopathy treatment for this, also is going for a physiotherapy session twice a week. His doctors are saying that he is also a potential candidate for CTS. What course of treatment would you recommend for these symptoms? How long should we seek non-surgical measures?
    Thanks very much for any input.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    The need for surgery to decompress the cervical nerves depends upon the amount of weakness (muscle strength), the intensity of pain and the loss of daily function. Your cousin seems to have multiple areas of problems including cervical radiculopathy, carpel tunnel syndrome and lower back nerve disorders (“numbness in his lower left back, buttock, and left upper leg”). Some individuals need immediate surgery and some can live for years with their disorder.

    Dr. Corenman

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