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    Dr Corenman

    I have had an MRI and am not sure how the results will affect me now and later in life. We have a National Health system so information regarding what effects and treatment thereof is minimal. I have been watching your videos and found them most helpful in understanding some of my concerns.


    There is some low T1 signal within the marrow of the visualised cervical spine, which probably relates to marrow reconversion???
    C3-C4 there is mild central disk protrusion with no significant effacement of ventral CSF no canal or foraminal narrowing.
    C4-C5 No significant disk protrusion, canal of foraminal stenosis
    C5-C6 there is mild broad based bulge which effaces ventral CSF but does not impinge on the cord No significant canal of foraminal stenosis
    C6-C7 there is mild broad based bulge which effaces ventral CSF but does not cause significant mass effect on the cord or significant canal or forminal stenosis


    There is mild intervertebral disk space narrowing and dehydration at L1-2 and L2-3. There is mild facet joint degeneration noted at L5-S1 bilaterally

    What should I be worried about as I am 49 years old and have pain issues that bother me. I am IDDM, have Hypertension and Haemochromatosis


    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    I am unclear as to why you had the two MRIs performed.

    MRIs are very helpful to understand where symptoms are generated but do not necessarily correlate with symptoms perfectly. I just had a patient in my office with a large lumbar disc herniation compressing the S1 nerve root and he had no leg pain at all. The MRI has to be used as a tool for diagnosis only after the complete history and physical examination is completed.

    What are your symptoms?

    Dr. Corenman

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    I slipped and fell injuring my knee which was operated on. Whilst on crutches I slipped again and had some back and neck pain.

    I had some pain down my L buttock and leg and experienced pain SLR and slump test was positive. If I sneeze or cough I experience numbness and pain in my neck and down both arms and hands.

    I am attending physio but it is not helping and still have pain on movement.

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