Cervical Kyphosis and mild thoracic scoliosis post adolescence

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    May have posted initially in wrong area. Apologies., As per Topic Title, developed the above after last adolescent growth spurt. The thoracic curvature was caught by school nurse and pediatrician said it was mild. No films were taken. My paternal aunt once teased me for having inherited what she called the” Bowman” neck hump. Fast forward to mid 20’s and working as Critical Care RN, noticed terrible mid back pain by end of shift. As time passed this happened after all day on my feet doing anything. At one point in my career worked as a surgical assistant to an orthopedic surgeon who noticed what he called cervical kyphosis and asked to x-ray it. He said he’d not seen such an abnormal curve and asked how I managed to stay on my feet for 14hrs/day. Rest seemed to improve the pain. At 40, began having neurological symptoms which upon x-ray, MRI, and myelogram showed 2 level disc protrusion with spinal cord impingement and bone spurs in both cervical and thoracic area. A discectomy with cage and screws were placed anteriorly. Though I did fuse, the finger symptoms returned which is annoying but can manage. Since age 40, however, the mid back pain has changed my life. I’ve had radioablative therapy several times with no relief as well as countless steroid spinal injections. They varied giving relief but were short lived. I’m now 52. I cannot tolerate standing in one place longer than 10 minutes or walking on concrete at all. Sitting is unbearable. The pain feels as if upper body is twisting away from lower body at mid back with a burning stabbing component. MRI shows bone spurs, and mild-moderate tissue swelling, depending on the test. Myeloram was a disaster as the contrast settled in curves and I developed a complication requiring a blood patch. I have kept my weight at 120-125 (5’6″) except pregnancy and take Pilates, PT, and walk a lot on grassy areas (though this too has a time limit). Have been on so much anti-inflammatory meds since my 20’s, both Rx and OTC, my stomach cannot take it. Have tried opioids which blunt the pain but never relieved it. Not even oral Morphine helps. Also taken Robaxin, Klonopin, and neurontin at times. Nobody knows what I have but agree my problems are secondary to the unusual outlay of my spinal cord. Of note, my head tends to jut forward; lower back is hyper flexible and tilted abnormally forward. Pilates helps this as it does maintaining abdominal strength which no doubt helps overall. The surgeon who performed cervical procedure wondered if I have Scheuermann’s Disease,given adolescent onset and family prevalence. However, I don’t have a thoracic hunchback, nor am I male. My extreme kyphosis is cervical, not thoracic. Any insight would be helpful and don’t expect an online diagnosis. Cannot find any genetic possibility though. Oldest daughter has the same kyphotic neck hump and discomfort with age. Of note also, am extremely short waisted, with very long, thin, arms and legs which probably belong on someone 5’8″ or 9″. My sister is such a person. Long waisted..normal spinal curvatures. Have no other health issues.

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