cervical issues

cervical issues
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    hi dr, I had a recent c6/7 acdf, ive got lingering issues with nerve pain in my left arm so my surgeon is getting me to have a emg study done and also a nerve block injection, there is still a bone spur at the back that is pushing on the c7 nerve root on the left side, my recent mri also brought up another issue,
    c3/4 : disc desiccation with shallow broadbased posterior disc bulge causing mild ventral impression on the theca, there is moderate left and moderate right foramen narrowing , there is contact on the left and likely contact on the right c4 nerve roots, mild facet joint hypertrophic change,
    at the last mri in july c3/4 had nothing wrong with it, I have been getting some back left neck pain and headaches at the base of my head, I see the surgeon again in a couple of weeks , just looking for advice on what I should do, the surgeon did mention he could go in from the back to get the bone spur, , what options would I have with c3/4 given that they have deteriorated in only 4 .5 months


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