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    I had recently receive my medical records from my chiropractor. It has a lot of stuff in there about my neck and maybe my back and I was wondering if someone could tell me what it all means.. Below is some of the topics in my medical records.

    Motion in the neutral lateral projection to full extension shows mild anterolisthesis at C3-C4.

    Motion in the neutral lateral projection to full extension shows mild retrolisthesis at C4-C5.

    1. Ligamentous instability with Anterolisthesis at C3-C4.
    2. Reversal of the cervical lordosis.

    I have alot of pain in my back and neck. My head feels heavy alot and causes strong headaches. My head also tilts back. It is extremely hard for me to sit or stand for long periods of time. I also have alot of pain going from my lower back around to my hip and down my right leg.

    I would really like to get some suggestions on what to do about making a doctors appointment and what kind of doctor I really need to see.
    Thank You!

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You have two separate problems. Your lower back pain is generated from your lumbar spine and your neck pain (and possibly headaches) are generated from your neck.

    You have degenerative changes of your discs and facets in your neck. The anterolisthesis (forward slip) of C3 on C4 occurs from facet wear and retrolisthesis at C4-5 is generated from degenerative disc disease. You probably do not have significant ligamentous instability unless there is significant shifting of one vertebra on the other with flexion/extension views.

    Most of the time, neck pain is generated by degeneration of the discs and facets. If you have failed chiropractic treatment and a good course of physical therapy, you should seek out a well experienced interventional PM&R doctor or interventional anesthesiologist for potential injection therapy as the next step.

    Dr. Corenman

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