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    Hi doctor,
    About seven months ago, I was told I injured my C2 & C3 muscle, if I remember correctly. They believe it was a sports injury. I’m a pitcher for fastpitch softball and I assume that was what caused it. I went to physical therapy and continued it for about a month. I felt fine afterwards and thought I was healed. For the past three months I’ve had little stabbing pain around the C2 and C3 again. I have throbbing pain around my eyes, temples, and the back of my neck, I get dizzy, see black spots, double vision, I hear ringing noises every so often. I’ve also noticed light and sound makes the headache worse. It’s been 24/7. I wad diagnosed with a migrane but I’ve been doing research and I’m begining to believe it may be occipital neuralgia (not sure if I spelled that correctly). I’m wondering if you have thoughts on what it could be and if I should be interested in trying a nerve block? Please get back soon ad possible. Thanks for your time.

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    I should also add that I’ve tried about 15 different medications for the migrane and nothing has helped, if there was any improvement it was very slight and only lasted for a day or two. & I was also in the Diamond Headache Clinic for over two weeks and there wasn’t any impovment there either.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    It looks like you have done your homework. “Black spots and double vision” as well as dizziness however would not be related to greater occipital neuralgia. This nerve which originates at C1-2 is affected by the C2-3 facets. Not uncommonly, facet inflammation will cause referral pain in this nerve and pain then will radiate over the head to the top of the eyes. If you think you have this phenomenon, find a good interventionist and see if they think a facet injection will be appropriate.

    If so, keep a pain diary and follow the instructions on this website regarding how to keep a pain dairy.

    Dr. Corenman

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