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    My son had a diving accident and suffered possible whiplash, concussion..we are not sure. We have been everywhere and every doctor has diagnosed him differently. He had sublixation at C1 and C2 and immediately started having dysautonomia/POTs. This has been going on for 8 months. Most of the horrible symptoms he had went away after a few upper cervical adjustments but I am told the Dysautonomia/POTs and spacial awareness issues are coming from Cervical Instability. When my son has migraines, restricted peripheral vision, ringing in the ears, muffled hearing, diffuculty swallowing we get him an upper cervical adjustment and the symptoms go away. We are told that the dysautonomia/POTS will go away when the neck instability is healed. So his treatments are upper cervical care, vestibular excercises prescribed by a functional neurologist, and now we added neuro muscular work. The neuromuscular provider says his hips are rotated and mid and upper back tight and that pulls the C1C2 out. The Chiropractors say the C1C2 cause the other areas to go out.

    He really does not know up from down, he sees in what he describes as 2D, and he feels like a floating head. Like his head is not attached to his body. Then he will go into moments of rapid sinking.

    I spoke with a friend from Denver and Neuro Surgeon. She was not familiar with these symptoms and said the muscles at the base of his skull are probably in spasm and go get ultra sound. Others are saying it is time for Prolotherapy.

    We have gone to one of the few Pediatric Neurosurgeons in South Florida. He looked at all the imaging we brought, including flexion/extension xray and shoved us out of office in less than 5 minutes saying he does not need surgery and who told you he has instability?

    We live in a retirement community so seeking pediatric care is impossible. I am trying to find the right type of Doctor to go to. The symptoms and Dysautonomia have now cause extreme anxiety and depression and it scares me to leave him alone. He was a very outgoing super athelete and academic achiever who now has missed all of 10th grade and begs to get better and is socially isolated.

    I am trying to figure out what we are missing and where to go.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    First, instability is not treated by chiropractic adjustments as manipulation will increase instability. If your son has relief from adjustments, by definition, he does not have instability.

    It sounds like he needs a neurological consultation (not neurosurgery) from an expert that specializes in vestibular (balance) diagnosis and therapy.

    Dr. Corenman

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