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    Hi Dr Corenman

    Approximately 3 weeks ago I had an anterior fusion at L5 S1 level and a replacement disk in the vertebrae above. I was diagnosed with a grade 2 spondyliolisthesis and spinal stenosis. Some of my symptoms were pain in both groins on the inner and outer hip and severely weakened gluteal muscles. Pain radiated down both legs into the calves which would be left really aching after long hours standing in my job. The pain definitely worsened with standing and walking and was somewhat relieved with sitting and leaning forward. I had my left hip replaced in 2017 after experiencing severe pain in that hip. I was diagnosed as having no cartilage left in that hip. I also had an arthroscopy on the right hip at the same time. About 8-10 months after the hip operation I began getting pain in my lower back and groin and sciatic kind of pain radiating into my legs. Prior to my recent fusion I had had more significant pain in the left glute and leg and at times of a lot of walking would develop a limp on that side for the last twelve months or so pre surgery. I noticed that after the operation upon walking my left outer hip and quad started to ache. I consulted my neurosurgeon who thought it might be bursitis. However, the pain has now graduated into my left buttock and when walking longer distances it becomes sore and tight. Rest seems to alleviate the symptoms a little but the tightness is always there. I have been given some strengthening exercises for the glute muscle on the left side by my physiotherapist but this seems to be making it sorer at this point. I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you very much.

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    You are pretty early out from your surgery so current symptoms should fade away in another 8 weeks. Do you know why the L4-5 level was addressed with an artificial disc replacement?

    Dr. Corenman

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