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    Hello Dr. Corenman,

    I am 43 years old male and I had a microdiscectomy surgery 3 weeks ago on l4-l5. The hernia was in the middle part and they removed the problematic part. I was extremely relieved for 2 weeks, there was no nerve pain. Then I drove 3.5 hours on a vibrating road and the back pain and sciatica pain returned. This was last week. My doctor gave me Cabral and told me to rest. Then the back pain diminished in 2 days resting.

    However, the pain in buttock and legs stays. It does not diminish, but does not increase, either. Also, it is alternating; one day my left hurt, but the following day, the my right leg hurt. There is no pain while laying down, small pain while sitting, but I cannot stand or walk for couple of minutes. I feel a bit depressed.

    Is this pain permanent? Shall I go to a different neurosurgeon for an alternative opinion? Should I take MRI? Should I go to physiotherapist? What kind of exercise can give me some relief?

    Many thanks in advance for your advice.

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    To add, I also have FMF which is an autoinflammatory disease. Not that I have an attack now or recently, I wanted to add. Could this pain be just an inflammation?

    Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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    Vibration exposure, especially a 3 1/2 hour dose can be detrimental to healing and can induce inflammation. I think the first step I would consider would be an oral steroid and a physical therapy trial. If no relief or only temporary relief, then a new MRI would be in order.

    Dr. Corenman

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